Al Wadi Holding

اسم الموقع: Al Wadi Holding

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وصف الموقع: Al Wadi Holding, a leader in B2B debt collection and other banking and financial services, has over 28 years of experience. Its mission is to assist organizations in realizing their full potential by utilizing the best methods available both locally and internationally. In addition to professional translation, we also offer cross-border services for a global clientele, legal debt agreement, credit risk providing guidance, business advisory services, and risk management. vision To keep pushing the boundaries of corporate excellence and taking the lead in the credit trade sector globally as well as in the Gulf Cooperation Region and MENA, in order to support future generations' economic progress.

كلمات مفتاحية: debt collection, debt recovery, debt collection agency

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الدولة: السعودية

اللغة: إنجليزي

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